Cocaine is viewed as a very serious issue in the United States as well as around the world. Statistics say that women are almost 4 times more likely to develop a cocaine addiction as compared to men. Compared to opioids, heroin, club drugs and other illicit substances cocaine causes more trips to the hospital’s emergency room than any other drug. Cocaine can be snorted, ingested, smoked, and/or injected straight into the bloodstream. It is extracted from coca leaves and made with hydrochloride. As the users consistently ingests cocaine, they become more used to the effects and a tolerance is built. This tolerance can cause the user to ingest more and more cocaine to receive the same effects. Cocaine addiction affects many people and needs to be treated appropriately.

Cocaine is a highly addictive and a highly dangerous substance. For some addicts, the psychological effects of the addiction may be harder to curb. Cocaine addicts depend on cocaine to feel normal because of the effects on dopamine production, which can cause the brain to “rewire” the reward system. Cocaine is often mixed with other substances and can  lead to more than drug becoming a trigger. One such combination is known as a speedball. This is when cocaine is mixed with heroin and has a very high chance of overdose, more so than other drug combos.

Cocaine Withdrawal & Detox

The symptoms of cocaine abuse and addiction can vary from person to person and change depending on many different factors. Cocaine user can be highly talkative, extremely confident, and can even show symptoms of anxiety or hypertension. The duration of the effects of cocaine can depends greatly on the potency of the batch and how the drug was ingested. For example, if the drug is snorted the effects will last longer but be significantly less extreme and acute. Cocaine can cause issues with sleeping and even affect the eating habits of some addicts. Some of the long-term effects of a cocaine addiction may include severe depression, irritability, delirium, psychosis, and/or permanent damage to blood vessels of brain and heart. Some of the short term effects of cocaine abuse are dilated pupils, disturbed sleep patterns, hyper-stimulation, hallucinations, irritability, hyper-excitability, and intense euphoria.


Cocaine Rehab in Utah

While attending cocaine rehab in Utah, patients should instructed on the many ways to avoid relapse, cope with triggers, and learn how to live a life free of the dangers of cocaine addiction. Treatment methods such as occupational and experiential therapy will help teach these skills through building self-confidence and working through issues in real-world scenarios. Cocaine addicts need to make major life changes and here at Recovery Ways, we help them accomplish this and maintain a life of sobriety. Cocaine addicts often have certain events and behaviors that trigger their cravings. During recovery, we help them understand these and find ways to avoid the triggers or deal with the cravings.


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