Inhalant abuse and addiction is not as common, as say alcohol abuse or cocaine abuse, but people can still become extremely addicted. The high risk of inhalant addiction is mainly due to the ease of access to these substances, mainly things you can find in your cleaning cabinet our garage. They act as anesthetics (reducing the sensations of pain pain) and are often flammable, and vaporize at room temperature. Inhalant addiction symptoms can range in severity and manifestation. depending on the users frequency and they type of inhalant being consumed. However, Jthese drugs are so dangerous and volatile that using an inhalant just once can result in an overdose.

What Inhalant Addiction Does to the Body

Chemicals and ingredients that are inhaled cause irreversible mental and physical damage. This is due to how fast they enter the bloodstream and cause a multitude of damage to organs and other internal bodily systems. They do not allow the body to get oxygen which forces the heart to beat fast and in irregular patterns. Those who abuse or are addicted to inhalants can sometimes show bloody noses, experience sever or acute nausea and stomach aches. Some addicts can even lose their senses of smell and/or hearing. Just as addiction shows no boundaries, those who abuse and are addiction to inhalants can come from any social class. Inhalants are considered by some as a gateway drug, and often leads to heavier drug user simply a higher dosage of inhalants. When the user increased the abuse of inhalants, it causes the addict to develop a tolerance.  The longer tolerance builds in the addict,the symptoms and withdrawals of inhalant detox will increase.

Signs of Inhalant Addiction

Most of those who individual who are addicted will immerse a cloths in liquid (sometimes things like gasoline) and then immediately cover their nose and mouth to inhale the vapors. They may also be “bagging” or inhaling the gas from balloons, plastic and paper bags. The effects usually only last a few minutes but have been compared to alcohol intoxication. They may also be “sniffing”. With this method of consumption the user simply inhales the vapors directly from open containers. Users often have sores around their mouths and a smell of chemicals on their clothes or breath. They may display red, runny eyes or nose and paint stains on their clothes.

Some users may fall or pass out while intoxicated which helps identify the inhalant addiction. If they do pass out then they need to be taken to a hospital immediately so that doctors can do their best to help the heart and clear airways. Unlike other drugs, inhalant use does not show up on drug test. However, noticing the addiction is fairly easy.

Get Help for Inhalant Addiction in Salt Lake City, Utah

Recovery Ways, a drug rehab in Salt Lake City, Utah offers many different levels of addiction care so you can receive the right type of treatment you need. If you would like to speak with someone to s the process of recovery, call our admissions coordinators at (844) 294-8130 or contact us here.


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