Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid very similar in make-up and design to Demerol. Fentanyl is also up to 50-100 times stronger than most available morphine. It’s a schedule II prescription drug, is easily abused. However, it is still useful medically and for medical purposes, including; severe pain management, cancer breakthrough pain. It is designed to inhibit pain pathways to the brain, increases dopamine production and is short-acting. It directly affects the central nervous system.

Fentanyl is highly addictive because of its potency. This can casue fentanyl addicts to develop a tolerance quickly. Fentanyl can also be combined with drugs such as heroin or cocaine. which increases the chances of overdose and health issues significantly. The WHO states that more than 2 million United State citizens are addicted to prescription opioids like fentanyl. Many teenagers and young adults who are addicted to fentanyl and other opiate drugs started by using leftover prescriptions from their parent’s or other relatives medicine cabinets.

Fentanyl Abuse Symptoms

Fentanyl can be bought illegally but abuse usually starts with a prescription or by someone in the medical field that would have easier access to it in a hospital. Since these can be prescribed sometimes it is difficult to realize if you or a loved one is addicted. When all you can think about is how you are going to get more and stopping use causes you withdrawal symptoms, you should reach out for help getting clean. If you have started stealing medications, buying the medication from someone else or off the street, or “doctor shopping,” visiting multiple doctors complaining about pain so you get multiple prescriptions

Fentanyl Detox Near Ogden

If the patient was a heavy Fentanyl user they may need to be weaned off it before starting withdrawal. Which is another reason that the medically supervised detox is best, once the doctor knows how it was taken and how much then they can accurately decide the best route to recovery. Typically if the patient has to be tapered off they will first be switched to a different less threatening opiate such as morphine or methadone. Withdrawal can take between several days to a week. Our medical team is present to administer medications to ease the symptoms and help with any anxiety, nausea, or insomnia. Having a medically monitored detox will make it better for the patient since the withdrawal symptoms can be so difficult.  After the detox is complete our therapists can help the user identify the underlying reason for taking the drug and help them learn how to stay clean.

Finding Fentanyl Drug Rehab in Ogden

Finding fentanyl drug rehab in Ogden may come initially as a difficult undertaking. However, just a few minutes south in Salt Lake City is one of the most effective and ethical substance abuse treatment centers in Utah, Recovery Ways. If you’re ready to live a life free from fentanyl addiction, please call (844) 294-8130 today.



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