Hydrocodone is a synthetic narcotic that has been combined with the  common pain reliever and fever reducer, acetaminophen. In 2011 the FDA required all prescription painkillers to lower the amount of acetaminophen because it became known to cause serious liver damage. Those who abuse Hydrocodone will most like receive this side effect of acetaminophen, causing irreparable liver damage. Hydrocodone is the most heavily prescribed painkiller in the US, and is used mostly as a pain reliever and typically prescribed to individuals undergoing surgery. It is also heavily prescribed  to those individuals who have had painful injuries.

Symptoms of Hydrocodone Addiction

It is possible to purchase Hydrocodone illegally through drug dealers. However, most hydrocodone addiction and abuse begins with a prescription for a legitimate reason. Hydrocodone addiction can be hard to spot since they are usually prescribed under the supervision of a medical professional. When all you can think about is how you are going to get more and stopping use causes you withdrawal symptoms, you should reach out for help and learn more about available treatment options for drug rehab in West Valley City.

Hydrocodone Detox in West Valley City

Hydrocodone withdrawals can cause a multitude of painful and aggravating symptoms; insomnia, , vomiting, cold flashes and even bone pain. Hydrocodone withdrawal can take up to a week. An effective Hydrocodone drug rehab in West Valley City will begin with a medically assisted detox program. Having a medically monitored and assisted detox will lower the difficulty in dealing with Hydrocodone withdrawl symptoms. This will make transition into a residential drug rehab easier, as you will be healthy and drug free. Withdrawal typically last about three days but patients usually need another couple days. The first stage will begin within 12 hours of the last dose, leaving the user craving the drug.

Finding Hydrocodone Drug Rehab in West Valley City

Hydrocodone addicts need to make major life changes and here at Recovery Ways, we help them accomplish this and maintain a life of sobriety. Our aftercare and alumni programs help patients with their future care and way of life. We also provide workshops and seminars with relapse prevention techniques. If you or a loved one is ready to find options for drug rehab in West Valley City please Call Recovery Ways immediately at (844) 294-8130.


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