Xanax is the brand name for Alprazolam, an addictive benzodiazepine that is prescribed for panic disorders, insomnia, general anxiety disorder (GAD), and even clinical depression. It affects the central nervous system and brain promoting GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) that slows down nerve cell activity in the brain. It is 20 times stronger than Valium and is the number one prescribed psychiatric medication in the United States. Tolerance and addiction to this drug develop quickly. Some addicts can take between 10 – 40 Xanax pills in a day.

Xanax is taken in pill form or can be crushed and snorted. It can also be crushed, heated up until it melts, and then injected like heroin. Xanax is commonly mixed with other drugs including opioid pills, methadone, heroin, and alcohol. All of these combinations are dangerous, can lead to an overdose, and in some cases be fatal. Withdrawal symptoms resemble those of barbiturate or alcohol withdrawal and can be deadly.

Xanax Detox and Withdrawal Symptoms

Xanax withdrawal should be medically assisted so that the user can have constant care that they need. Going through withdrawals could cause uncomfortable physical and mental states, the return of insomnia and anxiety, grand mal seizures, convulsions, and/or psychosis. Users shouldn’t try to detox on their own because they would be putting their lives at risk. At Recovery Ways our highly trained staff will be there to make sure that the patient is safe and has the support they need to get through this time.

Withdrawing from Xanax can be life threatening and all history of drugs should be discussed with the medical team at Recovery Ways before continuing with it, for the patient’s safety. These are physically addictive drugs which is why medical detox is advised.

Psychological symptoms of Xanax abuse include:

  • Return/worsening of original anxiety, “rebound” effect
  • Pessimism
  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Irritability
  • Disorientation
  • Hallucinations

Xanax Addiction Treatment 7 Drug Rehab

The xanax addiction residential treatment center at Recovery Ways, the premier Salt Lake City drug rehab, offers 24-hour monitoring and support with residential living quarters and daily meals prepared by our in-house chefs. Patients receive more intensive individual and group counseling. It is a highly structured program with a minimum of 8 hours daily. It is not only about patients getting away from stressors but learning to take control and responsibility for their life. We focus on the treatment of the whole person, not just one condition. We know that Dual Diagnosis Treatment is most beneficial, addressing the psychiatric disorders as well as the addiction disorder. This integrated treatment helps you gain more than you ever thought was possible and improve your way of life.


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